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Metro column: Sad end for Japantown’s field of memories

15 June 2009 05:27

Later this week, the Vancouver Canadians baseball team will play its much-anticipated season opener at Nat Bailey Stadium.

Expect the scene to be an upbeat one — from the singing of Take Me Out To The Ball Game to Little Leaguers cheerfully chasing foul balls in the bleachers.

But not far away, in the Downtown Eastside, a far less happy baseball story is being played out.

At Oppenheimer Park, in Vancouver’s old Japantown neighbourhood, the historic playing field of the Asahi baseball team is being demolished. The City of Vancouver is removing the ball diamond as part of its renovation of the park. Continue reading


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Vancouver awarded MLS franchise: The official announcement


League’s 17th Team to Play in Newly-Renovated BC Place

NEW YORK (Wednesday, March 18, 2009) – Vancouver, British Columbia, will be the home of Major League Soccer’s 17th team, MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced today. The Vancouver MLS team will begin play in 2011 at the newly-renovated BC Place Stadium in the city’s downtown entertainment district. The venue will undergo approximately $365 million CDN in improvements before the new MLS team takes to the field, and will have a seamless 20,000-seat soccer-specific configuration. Continue reading

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MLS Commissioner Don Garber shows confidence in Vancouver in New York Times interview

In an interview with the New York Times Goal Blog‘s Douglas B. McIntyre on Friday, Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber makes the case for the (relatively) recently established franchises in Toronto and Seattle serving as templates for future expansion teams.

And where will these expansion franchises be? To date, Garber hasn’t been saying, at least not officially — though an announcement could be coming within days.

But in a question about MLS concerns about fan support (or lack thereof) in Miami, Garber doesn’t hesitate to indicate what cities do have his confidence. Continue reading

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MLS in Vancouver: Shoe-in or longshot?

A great update from Robert Wagman of SoccerTimes on Vancouver’s bid to be one of two chosen expansion franchises for Major League Soccer (MLS).

Montreal, for reasons that are still somewhat unclear, has been removed (or removed itself, depending on who you believe) from the bidding, and that opens the door for the Vancouver and Ottawa bids — at least if you believe that the MLS wants to award at least one franchise to a Canadian city.

But given the current economic climate, it seems that all bets are off. Not only is Montreal out of the running, but Miami is making new demands in its bid.

None of this is helping Vancouver, however. Continue reading

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Vancouver Province column: If meltdown hikes Olympic price taxpayers deserve a greater say

October 12, 2008

It’s been a turbulent couple of weeks for the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee.

Last week, at a Toronto forum on amateur sport, federal politicians scrapped over the long-simmering issue of including women’s ski jumping at the 2010 Games. This comes on top of Canadian ski jumper Zoya Lynch joining a lawsuit aimed at forcing VANOC to bring the women’s event into the Olympics mix.

But it doesn’t end there.

Many British Columbians were left shaking their heads in the wake of the recent decision to ban the charity Right To Play from the athletes village in 2010.

And now folks in Vancouver are coming to grips with the impact of the global financial crunch on the construction of that same athletes village — raising the grim spectre of taxpayers bailing out the project if funding dries up. Continue reading

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Vancouver Province Column: This Canada Day, let’s hope that the young and restless show some class

The Province
Friday, June 29, 2007

The beginning of summer marks the arrival of cheery festivals and outdoor parties to the Lower Mainland — a time when folks can indulge in the best of music, recreation and exotic foods, while soaking up the sunshine.

This being Greater Vancouver, however, there’s often a dark side to the good times, in the form of belligerent and violent drunks.

The efforts made to police these rowdies are not only a drag on taxpayers, they’re an embarrassment to the community.

So why is it that, year after year, we continue to tolerate the same adolescent antics? Continue reading

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Vancouver Province column: Vancouver is a great sports city — pity about its sports stadiums

The Province
Monday, April 30, 2007

Vancouver has great sports fans — that much has been proven once again during this latest Canucks run in the Stanley Cup playoffs, regardless of how far they go. The fandom extends beyond hockey to other sports, including football, soccer and baseball.

Here’s what missing from this scenario: iconic, world-class outdoor stadiums for a vibrant sports culture. Think Fenway Park in Boston or Wrigley Field in Chicago.

This is a shame. Compare our situation to that of our southerly neighbour Seattle, home to some of the continent’s finest sporting venues.
Continue reading

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