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MLS Commissioner Don Garber shows confidence in Vancouver in New York Times interview

In an interview with the New York Times Goal Blog‘s Douglas B. McIntyre on Friday, Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber makes the case for the (relatively) recently established franchises in Toronto and Seattle serving as templates for future expansion teams.

And where will these expansion franchises be? To date, Garber hasn’t been saying, at least not officially — though an announcement could be coming within days.

But in a question about MLS concerns about fan support (or lack thereof) in Miami, Garber doesn’t hesitate to indicate what cities do have his confidence. Continue reading


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Metro column: Car-sharing hugely successful despite wrinkles

March 9, 2009

It’s tough being in the automobile business these days. Shares of General Motors plunged to a 75-year low Friday — underscoring the financial misery faced by North America’s largest carmaker.

Mind you, not all auto-centric industries are hurting. In recent years, car-sharing organizations have been thriving — buoyed by volatile gas prices and denser urban neighbourhoods, not to mention the public’s growing focus on the environment. Continue reading

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Ritz-Carlton tower site is not dead… yet.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel-condominium project, which was written off as dead because of the ongoing economic crisis (and associated financing struggles) in February, may still have at least a heartbeat.

The sleek highrise, designed by Arthur Erickson with a unique twisting design, was slated for construction on Georgia Street across from the new Shangri-La hotel and condominium project.

The prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel was to occupy the first 20 floors of the soaring 58-storey tower, which would have been the second tallest building in downtown Vancouver. Continue reading

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Metro article: Vancouver bus driver fired over blog

February 11, 2009

A Vancouver bus driver says he has been fired for publishing a blog that describes his day-to-day experiences on the job.

Michael Cox, who completed his training with Coast Mountain Bus Company in December, started a blog called Short Turns to share with the public what he was learning about operating a bus.

“The initial impetus for the blog was for friends and family — curious about my training — but soon I got more interested in blogging about transit in general, including other cities, and was writing entries each night after my shift,” Cox told Metro in an exclusive interview. Continue reading

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Business in Vancouver column: Osaka air link cancellation will sever vital economic tie for B.C.

Osaka air link cancellation will sever vital economic tie for B.C.

Derek Moscato: Podium

Business in Vancouver July 29-August 4, 2008; issue 979

At first blush, this past spring’s announcement from Air Canada that it would be cancelling its direct flight between Vancouver and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport might have seemed like a minor setback for a handful of frequent flyers and would-be tourists on both sides of the Pacific.

High fuel costs have ushered in a tough new era for airlines globally. Volatile economic times mean that cutbacks at airlines across North America are the new norm.

As for Air Canada’s service between Vancouver International Airport and Osaka, while it’s true that the route did a brisk business, it didn’t exactly garner a reputation for attracting the kind of premium business that would fatten a carrier’s bottom line. Besides, Osaka has always played second-fiddle to Tokyo, Japan’s largest city. Continue reading


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Vancouver Province column: Why plague people with trash talk when they’ve got worries enough?

Forget about manicured front lawns, white picket fences and the sound of children at play. According to a growing legion of pundits and “peak oil” theorists, the tidy suburbs of today are the forsaken slums of tomorrow.

A recent article in The Atlantic Monthly by Christopher Leinberger argued that once-idyllic cul-de-sacs are about to become the domain of poverty, social disorder and physical rot.

More recently, Smart Growth B.C., the Vancouver-based not-for-profit with a focus on creating “more livable communities in British Columbia,” made the link between sprawling, auto-friendly suburbs and the grim spectre of childhood obesity.

Given sky-high gas prices, the new carbon tax and a growing number of “for sale” signs popping up in family subdivisions, there’s no doubt that B.C. suburban dwellers are facing a financial and psychological squeeze these days. Continue reading

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Vancouver Province column: Why don’t we hear more rumblings of desire for new streetcar systems?

Monday, July 07, 2008

With gas prices hovering at an all-time high and the B.C. carbon tax in full swing, more and more Lower Mainland drivers are looking to get rid of their car keys in favour of a transit pass.

But there’s just one catch: For many folks, public transport doesn’t yet go where they need it to.

Others are being scared off by the sight of commuters being packed into SkyTrain cars and trolley buses like canned sardines.

It’s clear that demand for mass transit has never been greater, but capacity is being stretched like never before.

So, given current transit limitations, it’s always good to hear of plans for greater service. One such addition in the works is the downtown Vancouver streetcar. Continue reading

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