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Metro column: Cycling plan goes beyond lip service

08 June 2009 05:21

Last week, while cycling home from the office, I was almost flattened by a car charging through a red light. This came moments after I was nearly run off the road by another careless motorist who mistook my bike lane for a turning lane of his own.

Welcome to Bike Month in Metro Vancouver.

This being June, the annual push is on to get locals onto this more sustainable mode of transport.

But don’t be fooled by the cheery speeches or beefed-up Critical Mass rides: Bike mode share — the number of cyclists on the road compared to motorists, transit riders or pedestrians — is disappointingly small in this region. Continue reading


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Trailer parks for the homeless?

Gregory Henriquez, the Vancouver-based architect, isn’t afraid of challenging local defenders of the status quo.

Last year, the principal of Henriquez Partners Architects felt the wrath of some vocal North Vancouver residents, who railed against his proposal for an iconic 40-storey highrise on the sleepy Lower Lonsdale waterfront.

The boobirds eventually got their way, and Henriquez’ design was chased away. Continue reading

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China’s urban ambitions… at SFU Harbour Centre

Gordon Price of the SFU City Program has announced an upcoming free public lecture, as part of the SCARP Symposium on Sustainable Planning, on March 12 at SFU Harbour Centre:

China and the Urbanism of Ambition

China is in the throes of the greatest building boom the world has ever seen. Its population is urbanizing faster than any in history, and its cities are expanding like supernovae across the landscape. In this lecture, urbanist and author Thomas J. Campanella will explore multiple dimensions of this urban revolution; probe its extraordinary physical and societal impacts; and speculate on what 30 years of wholesale urbanization might mean for both China and the world.

Date: March 12, 7 pm
Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Reservations: Admission is free; reservations are required.
Email: or call 778.782.5100

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