Ambitious North Shore greenway keeps moving forward

Despite the many obstacles it faces — everything from challenging terrain to zoning issues to some predictable Nimbies — the North Shore Spirit Trail connecting Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay continues to make good progress, especially in the City of North Vancouver.

This past February, the first section of the trail, called the Squamish Nation Waterfront Greenway, was opened. For serious seawall enthusiasts, it’s worth taking the Seabus to North Vancouver to have a look. The pathway starts where the walkway running westward from Lonsdale Quay to Waterfront Park left off, and travels through the Mosquito Creek Marina. 

Darrell Mussatto, the mayor of the City of North Vancouver, told me last week that his jurisdiction’s portion of the Spirit Trail will be completed in the next couple of years.

“The next section will continue through the rest of the marina linking up with the foot of Bewicke and the Kings Mill waterfront walkway,” he said.

“We are also working hard on obtaining federal monies for a key connection at the City’s western border and the District (of North Vancouver). It is the crossing of the railway tracks at McKay Avenue where the current Kings Mill walk ends. It will provide a gentle, sloped crossing of the railway tracks and link up with the District of North Vancouver’s proposed section.”

Mussatto also notes that North Vancouver City is actively designing a section of the North Shore Spirit Trail that runs between Lonsdale Quay and the Park and Tilford Shopping Centre near the Second Narrows Bridge. Construction on that section will start later this year.

For a comprehensive look at this project in North Vancouver, the City released this report in December of 2008 (warning, it’s a PDF and checks in at 46.5 MB).


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