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TransLink’s fashion sense

Earlier this week, TransLink took delivery on the first of its 48 new SkyTrain cars. The vehicles have increased passenger capacity — a much-needed feature, given the Lower Mainland transit crunch in recent years.

But what has some transit enthusiasts turning their heads is not the functionality of the new SkyTrain cars, but rather, their fashion sense. The cars sports a blue-grey (with yellow line) look, matching the existing colour scheme for TransLink’s new fleet of buses.

It’s not just new SkyTrain cars that are sporting the team colours. The third vessel in the SeaBus fleet — set to ply the waters of Burrard Inlet later this year — will also be delivered in the blue-grey look. Ditto for the other two vessels in the SeaBus fleet, both of which will be refurbished during the next couple of years.


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