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Vancouver Province column: Why don’t we hear more rumblings of desire for new streetcar systems?

Monday, July 07, 2008

With gas prices hovering at an all-time high and the B.C. carbon tax in full swing, more and more Lower Mainland drivers are looking to get rid of their car keys in favour of a transit pass.

But there’s just one catch: For many folks, public transport doesn’t yet go where they need it to.

Others are being scared off by the sight of commuters being packed into SkyTrain cars and trolley buses like canned sardines.

It’s clear that demand for mass transit has never been greater, but capacity is being stretched like never before.

So, given current transit limitations, it’s always good to hear of plans for greater service. One such addition in the works is the downtown Vancouver streetcar. Continue reading


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Province column: Vancouver mayoral candidate must rethink his housing tax plan

The Lower Mainland housing market might be cooling off these days. But glittering highrise condos continue to sprout up across downtown Vancouver.

Given the region’s housing crunch, one would assume that locals would be quickly snapping up the units to live.

But that’s not always the case. A quick scan of some residential highrises after dark reveals that, in many downtown condos, the lights are always off.

Why? Because investors from as close as Seattle and as far as Singapore have snapped them up, with the intention of flipping them for a profit to the next buyer. Continue reading

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