Monocle Magazine: Best cities for quality of life

Monocle Magazine has published its “Quality of Life Index” for cities. Editor Tyler Brule wrote about the rankings in the weekend edition of the FT…

” 1. Copenhagen: out in front by virtue of its scale, a good airport, all those bike paths and handsome locals.

2. Munich: almost a winner, but it should have committed to building the Transrapid airport rail link.

3. Tokyo: the world’s best big city by far. Unfortunately, last week’s stabbing spree hasn’t done much for its public safety record.

4. Zurich: more relaxed neighbours would put it in first place.

5. Helsinki: a European capital with a foot firmly in Asia.

6. Vienna: one of Europe’s greenest cities.

7. Stockholm: the city wants to go vertical — a tricky mission.

8. Vancouver: the best of North America in a beautiful frame.

9. Melbourne: the best neighbourhoods in the southern hemisphere.

10. Paris: its visionary mayor has made the old dame internationally relevant again.

11. Sydney, 12. Honolulu, 13. Madrid, 14. Berlin, 15. Barcelona
16. Montreal, 17. Fukuoka, 18. Amsterdam, 19. Minneapolis, 20. Kyoto
+ 21. Hamburg, 22. Singapore, 23. Geneva, 24. Lisbon, 25. Portland.”


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