Lamenting the NYC “Yuppie Ghetto”

Is Manhattan essentially a “gated community”? That is how it is described by the Economist-Free Exchange blog this week in a post sure to raise eyebrows with those who follow these kind of urban gentrification discussions.

The writer, a 7-year resident, notes that “the upper middle class aspire to stay in cities. This is true in cities elsewhere, but Manhattan’s geographic constraints make the gentrification more obvious.

The more gentrified cities become the more desirable they are to live in. Edward Glaeser and Joshua Gottlieb found cities became more desirable from the increased social interaction and consumer services they provided as crime decreased. This means poorer residents must move further a field. Many people priced out of cities are not homeless or criminals, but working families.”

“If we factor in increased commuting time and expense, has their compensation effectively decreased? The homogeneity of my neighbours makes me unable to know for certain.”


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