Armani’s Ginza Tower

Fashion fiends take note. The design blog Unbeige at reports on the unveiling of the new flagship store from fashion designer Giorgio Armani in one of Asia’s most prestigious retail addresses.

Armani Ginza

The store is located in Tokyo’s Ginza district, and designed by architects Massimiliano and Doriano Fuksas in collaboration with Armani. From Unbeige:

the 12-story, 65,000-square-foot megastore will sell the designer’s clothing and home lines as well as house an Armani spa, bar, and restaurant. The building’s facade is clad in a bamboo motif and limned with gold details. The gold-and-black theme has also been translated into a limited edition “Armani/Ginza Tower” clothing line.



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2 responses to “Armani’s Ginza Tower

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  2. Armani has always been a favorite designer of mine. It seems the best ones always come from Italy!

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