Trek Park?

It seems the college sit-ins and protests of 2007 just don’t resonate like they did in the 1960s — at least on Canada’s West Coast. Case in point: Trek Park at the University of British Columbia, designed as a gathering place for students taking aim at construction developments on the campus.

Trek Park UBC

The UBC student newspaper, The Ubyssey, tells it best:

Erected on the first day of school, September saw Trek Park as a place where University Square and underground bus loop protesters could congregate to challenge UBC’s development. But once the rainy season hit campus, the fun filled protests turned into washed-out sod sitting in a parking lot.

Trek Park hasn’t kept up the well-maintained face it needs to be taken seriously. If the goal of the park was to change the course of campus construction, then it should have kept up its message. If the intent was to create a meaningful public space, more activities could have been planned. But it appeared to fizzle out, giving UBC developers the ability to say that Trek Park activism and student opposition to certain types of development had withered.


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