Soaring architecture for the North Shore

North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood has a laid-back, small-town ambience that suits its maritime setting and shipbuilding history. So it’s understandable that new developments come under the microscope here.

However, a new proposal from Henriquez Partners Architects is blending old with new. A stunning, 400-foot highrise — based on one of the community’s famous ships built here — would not only transform the skyline (for the better, in my opinion); it would also bring several much-need amenities to the neighbourhood.



These amenties include, according to a North Shore News report, “a new, prominent, waterfront home for Presentation House Gallery, a public floating swimming pool built on a new public wharf extending into the harbour south of Lonsdale Avenue, a unified city seawall walk and public art opportunities.”

“Long-range plans call for a new home for the Whistler Rocky Mountaineer, a repositioned SeaBus terminus and bus loop, and an east-west route for the city’s historic streetcar 153.”

Because of its height, I have no doubt this proposal will meet resistance from some of the locals. However, it would be disappointing if a development with this much potential were to be derailed at the hands of a few locals focused on views.

Bottom line: Great architecture and a healthy respect for the neighbourhood make this proposal a winner.


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