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Vancouver Province column: If we really want to go green, why don’t we solve this bike-theft mess?

The Province
Monday, October 22, 2007

Just over a year ago, I fell victim to an all-too-common Vancouver
crime. I walked out of my office one afternoon to realize that my trusted commuter bike had been stolen in broad daylight. At the time, I was shocked, angry — and out a cool $1,200.

For weeks, I stewed over the thought of some thugs hawking my ride for a night’s worth of crack cocaine or using it for their own recreational pursuits.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my anguish over stolen wheels.

Local filmmaker Aren Hansen was so incensed after his bike was stolen that he turned his bitterness into art. Continue reading


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Vancouver Province Column: Plan for higher-density housing isn’t about fighting political war


Published: Monday, October 15, 2007

These are troubled times for the EcoDensity Initiative, introduced with great fanfare by Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan in the days leading up to last year’s World Urban Forum.

At the time, there was an enthusiastic buzz about creating more compact neighbourhoods in the city. The mayor held up his urban planning brainchild as a means of “reducing our ecological footprint as a city, and . . . to expand housing choices and improve affordability for all residents.” Since then, the cheers have given way to a vocal and persistent group of boobirds. Continue reading

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Vancouver Province column: It takes courage to think out of the box on Lower Mainland’s gridlock

The Province
Monday, October 8, 2007

At coffee shops, hockey rinks and office lunch-rooms, transportation is a top topic in Metro Vancouver. Folks are fed up with round-the-clock traffic congestion, crowded buses and endless highway delays.

A recent report from the Vancouver Foundation, Vital Signs 2007, backs up their grievances in a big way.

The foundation identified “improved transportation and better ways of getting around” as the region’s priority issue.

That’s saying a lot in our West Coast metropolis, where homelessness, property crime and skyrocketing housing prices also rank high.

But the dismal state of getting around trumps all. Continue reading

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Vancouver Province column: Please, will someone find a new home for popular night market?

The Province
Monday, October 1, 2007

Load up on the dumplings, DVDs and designer knock-offs while you can. The Richmond night market closes out its 2007 season next Monday night.
Vendors will be folding up their tables and turning off their grills until next year — if there is a next year, that is. Continue reading

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