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Vancouver Province column: Heritage festival battles to survive as Cracktown gobbles up Japantown

The Province
Monday, July 23, 2007

The Powell Street Festival, Vancouver’s annual celebration of Japanese-Canadian culture, is just around the corner.

From tea ceremonies to sumo wrestling to the traditional salmon barbeque, the August 4 and 5 event promises festival-goers plenty of culinary adventures.

But beyond the noodle stands and face-painting tents, this picture of good times quickly takes a turn for the worse. Continue reading


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Vancouver Province column: The homeless and drug-addicted can be anywhere, so let’s just face up to it

Vancouver has a problem with drugs and homelessness. This is nothing new. But what might surprise some observers is that even the metro’s leafy North Shore is also affected. Read on.

Published: Monday, July 09, 2007
R ich Coleman, the B.C. Minister Responsible for Housing, certainly touched a provincewide nerve recently when he said that Vancouver’s growing homeless population might do better outside the misery of the Downtown Eastside.
Coleman’s push for a new approach makes good sense, since it would give drug addicts and the mentally ill a chance for a fresh start in places like the Fraser Valley or farther into the B.C. Interior. But his philosophy isn’t going down well with those British Columbians who fear a massive influx of Vancouver’s homeless into their idyllic communities.
Funny thing is, the howling from beyond Vancouver’s city limits has drowned out any recognition that the province’s homeless are in some cases already receiving a warmer welcome beyond the intersection of Main and Hastings.
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