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Vancouver Province Column: Vancouver needs to show far more desire to finish this streetcar line

The Province
Monday, May 28, 2007

Vancouver’s proposed streetcar network has taken another small step forward recently, to the surprise of those who had written it off as dead.

A three-kilometre section of the line, linking Granville Island to Science World along False Creek’s south shore, has just been given the green light by City Hall.

With the necessary financing in place, at least a portion of the $60-million line should be ready to ride before the 2010 Winter Olympics. Continue reading


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Vancouver Province Column: It’s time to hit the Granville rowdies where it hurts most — in the wallet

The Province
Monday, May 14, 2007

The Granville strip, Greater Vancouver’s avenue of good times, needs a fix — and fast — for escalating rowdiness and public disorder.

This is especially true as the coming summer tourist season and events like the 2007 Memorial Cup junior hockey tournament bring thousands of newcomers to the city.

The solution? Make the perpetrators pay for their actions through stiffer punishments — and put this change into play now.

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